Sunday, January 4, 2009


Lovely Sterling Silver Necklace with a Sterling Silver Faerie link charm, and a Sterling Silver Faerie Star, connected with a Sterling Silver wireworked link with a light rose Swarovski Austrian Crystal bead. The necklace consists of Sterling Silver Wireworked links of Rose Quartz and Pink Opal gemstone beads, with light rose Swarovski Austrian Crystal beads, Sterling Silver beads and bead caps and Sterling Silver Curb chain and clasp. Beautiful necklace, great gemstones and symbolism!

Necklace Length: 16 1/4"
Center Drop: 2 7/8" long

Metaphysical Lore:

FAERIES: The Fae tradition, believe it or not started in Italy, not in Great Britain as most people believe, though certainly there are many legends of the wee folk that come from that region of the world. Faeries are a rather large group of entities, some good, some not very good at all, some a bit surprising that they are even actually faeries! Not all look like the tiny winged beings we think of when we hear the word, some barely resemble that image. Magickal and mysterious, some believe in them, many scoff at those of us that do, but no matter where your opinion lies in regards to these intriguing creatures, when faeries are about, they can make even the toughest of adults seem childlike again!

FAERIE STAR: The points on the Faerie star represent the following: The Sun, The Wood (Forest), The Sea, The Magick, The Moon, The Wind, and Connection (with The All).

Rose Quartz, another stone of the Quartz family, is full of warm loving energies. It is a delicate pink color, and is often dyed to enhance its pale pink color. The energies it has also feel very soft and delicate. It provides very gentle loving energies, and brings peace and calm to the wearer. It provides energy for emotional healing. Aids one during periods of loss and stress. It takes away fear, resentment and anger in the wearer and provides one with higher esteem and self-confidence.

Pink Opal is referred to as a stone of "re-newel", making new the connection of oneself with all else that is. It helps bridge the gap between what is conscious and what is called your inner self. It is a stone that is great to use for inner healing on all levels, great for meditative use, and for connecting with those in other dimensions and areas of the universe. Pretty incredible stone!

Silver is a wonderful metal for use with gemstones, it can take on and absorb the properties and energies of the gemstones it is in contact with and act as a conductor for those energies for the wearer. Silver is associated with the element of Water and directly correlates with the energies of the Goddess and the moon. It is also a metal to aid in drawing prosperity. To increase the properties and energies of silver, expose it to the light of the moon, especially the full moon.

PRICE: $48.00

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